Titans of Customer Engagement
Titans of Customer Engagement

Episode · 1 month ago

Secrets of a True Customer Engagement Platform


Having a community superpower is a great goal — but it’s not an endpoint.

Creating a customer engagement platform that runs user groups, events, support, marketing, elearning, and a community driven by a growth mindset… that’s the real objective.

In this episode, I interview Scott K. Wilder, Head of Customer Engagement and Community at HubSpot, about evolving a community into a true customer engagement platform.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Scott’s origin story and the construction of HubSpot’s customer engagement platform
  • What Venn diagrams have to do with customer advocacy
  • The Academy arm of the customer engagement platform
  • When culture helps — and when it doesn’t
  • Growth mindset, content, and group hubs

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

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