Titans of Customer Engagement
Titans of Customer Engagement

Episode 1 · 1 year ago

Being Present on Social Media: It’s Harder than You Think


Think of the brands you know that do social media VERY well.

Which ones come to mind? What are the things they all do that make them experts at social media? What’s the one thing they’re incredible at that other brands seem to have trouble with?

Engagement. Actually being present and engaging with their audience.

On this episode of Titans of Customer Engagement, we talked with Kerrie Roberts. Kerrie is the Social Media Manager of Customer Service at Experian, and had a lot to say on this episode about: - The difference between being on social media and being present on social media

- Giving your teams every tool possible to solve customer problems

- Social Media practices that you SHOULDN’T be doing

- Staying fresh on social media in a heavily regulated industry

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