Titans of Customer Engagement
Titans of Customer Engagement

Episode · 11 months ago

Invest for Impact: Transforming a Legacy Brand with Digital Engagement


How does a company of 8,000 innovators, problem solvers, and deep thinkers stay hidden from the public eye?

MITRE Corporation managed to do just that as its team tackled some of the world's toughest problems for 60 years. But when MITRE needed to tell its story, the company lacked a platform. What does it take to build a social media presence for a legacy brand?

In this episode of Titans of Customer Engagement, we talked with Kelsey Jones Art, Social Media Lead at MITRE Corporation, about shifting a longstanding organization into the social media space.

We also discussed:

- Why you can't just hit the Tweet button and call it a social media strategy

- How to set yourself up for success with the right tools and resources

- Creating a culture shift to get employees talking about you on social media

- 6 steps to creating social media engagement with customers and employees

- How to take a new social media initiative to the next level

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