Titans of Customer Engagement
Titans of Customer Engagement

Episode 25 · 1 week ago

Stop Worrying About the Channel, Start Thinking About the Customer


Welcome back to Titans of Customer Engagement, A Customer Experience Podcast by Khoros. 

We are very excited to be joined by our own living legend, Allison Fasching, Khoros Customer Solutions Director

Allison has a really unique perspective on customer engagement. She was in charge of constructing and maintaining one of the largest telcos on the planet. And for the past few years has been advising Khoros customers on how they can think about their customer engagement. 

We thought it would be really interesting to get her perspective on the most important lessons that she has learned. This episode is hosted by Khoros Business Value Director, Jon Wishart. And Trust me, You don’t want to miss a second of this one. Sit back and enjoy.

Here’s a sneak peak into the discussion

  • The components of a successful strategy: Customer Journey, Technology, KPIs, ROI, and Change Management
  • Benefits of having a company wide change management plan
  • Being aware of the channels your customers are using
  • Empowring Agents with community insight when responding to customer questions

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